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Lidlington - Millbrook - Ampthill - Silsoe - Flitwick - Steppingley

Route Number: 
Thursdays only      
This Timetable from 7th November 2016      
Lidlington, Station Crescent     0906
Lidlington, Rail Station     0907
Lidlington, Church St., Oak Gardens     0907
Marston Moretaine, opp. Social Club     0913
Millbrook, Sandhill Close     0916
Ampthill, opp. Prince of Wales     0923
Ampthill, Dunstable Street, Bakery     0924
Ampthill, Oliver Street, Health Centre     0926
Ampthill, Wingfield Court     0927
Silsoe, The Grove     0934
Silsoe, The George Hotel     0936
Silsoe, Aspen Way     0938
Wardhedges, opp. Highfield Road     0943
Flitton, Church     0944
Pulloxhill, Cross Keys     0948
Greenfield, Old Bell     0952
Flitwick, Tesco Store     0958
Flitwick, Rail Station, opp. Post Office     0958
Ampthill, Flitwick Road, Grange Road     1005
Ampthill, Church Street     1009
Flitwick, The Rufus Centre     1017
Flitwick, Windmill Road     1021
Flitwick, Hinksley Road, Ellenshaw Court     1024
Flitwick, Tesco Store arr.     1029
Flitwick, Tesco  Store dep.     1102
Flitwick, Rail Station, opp. Post Office     1102
Ampthill, Flitwick Road, Grange Road     1106
Ampthill, Oliver Street, Health Centre     1108
Ampthill, Wingfield Court     1109
Ampthill, Church Street     1114
Millbrook, Sandhill Close     1120
Marston Moretaine, Social Club     1124
Lidlington, Rail Station     1133
Ampthill, Dunstable Street, Bakery     1140
Flitwick, Tesco Store     1148
Flitwick, Windmill Road     RR
Flitwick, opp. The Rufus Centre     RR
Flitwick, Hinksley Rd, Ellenshaw Court     1153
Greenfield, Old Bell     1159
Pulloxhill, High Street, Cross Keys     1203
Flitton, Church     1207
Wardhedges, Highfield Road     1207
Silsoe, Aspen Way     RR1212
Silsoe, The George Hotel     1214
Silsoe, The Grove     1216
RR - Serves this point only on Riders Request