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Tuesdays Only *

Notes RR  Bus calls to set down on riders request only.   *No service 23rd December to 3rd January

Maulden, Opp The White Hart 0939
Clophill, The Green 0945
Silsoe, Opp The George 0949
Wardhedges, Opp Highfield Road 0952
Flitton, Opp The Church 0954
Greenfield, Opp School Lane 0956
Pulloxhill, Opp Fieldside Road 0959
Hitchin, St Mary's Square (Stop H) 1031
Hitchin, St Mary's Square (Stop H) 1250
Hitchin, Bancroft (Stop G) 1256
Pulloxhill, Fieldside Road RR
Greenfield, School Lane RR
Flitton, The Church RR
Wardhedges, Highfield Rd RR
Silsoe, The George Hotel RR
Clophill, The Green RR

Maulden, The White Hart