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We are absolutely delighted to announce that two long standing Flittabus members have received the Flitwick Local Community Hero award for 2018.

As well as being a member of the Management Committee, Margaret was for many years one of the regular volunteer Flittabus drivers, starting some 20 years ago and in recent years has been the soothing voice on the Flittabus public help line, which she has manned 7 days a week. It is not unknown for Margaret to jump into her car and go to the rescue, following a call from a distressed passenger who has missed the bus or who has left their shopping on the bus.
Margaret’s long experience with Flittabus has in recent years been of great value to the committee and this knowledge, plus her proof-reading skills, have been used to great effect when checking timetables, publications and recently the setting-up of our new website www.Flittabus.co.uk.

Keith Joined the Flittabus Management Committee, with some “persuasion” from Margaret at a time when the committee had been left stretched due to some sudden poor health retirements and volunteered to be secretary. This is a very important and sometimes demanding role as Flittabus Community Transport is a Limited Company; a registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Society Act 2014; and is subject to all the rigours and controls applied to a Limited not-for-profit company. Keith brought to the role his experience from the insurance industry including contract negotiation and good governance.

When Keith handed on the secretary’s role, he continued to lead funding efforts and over his years in this role has generated more than £50,000 of grant funding towards new buses from local government and charitable sources.

Early last year, at very short notice, Keith stepped back in as temporary secretary as we sought a permanent replacement; and then he used his long experience to support the new secretary into his role. 

Keith & Margaret have been key players in developing Flittabus as it moved from one to three buses, expanding both its scheduled bus services and its community services for the people of Flitwick and the surrounding areas. 

The Flittabus Committee, volunteer drivers and all our passengers regard them as true LOCAL HEROES and we wish them well in their retirement from Flittabus.