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Route FL6A

Clophill – Maulden – Ampthill Town Service

When: Thursday Only*

No problems reported on any routes

Riders Request

Where you see RR in the table below the bus calls to set down passengers on riders request only

FL6A Timetable

Depending on your screen width and depth you may not be able to see all of this table. You can page through the rows, and control how much is displayed using the dropdown window in the top left of the table below.

Thursday OnlyTimeTimeTimeTimeTimeTime
Clophill, Jacques Lane----0900095010341153
Clophill, Green----0905095310381158
Maulden, White Hart----0910095810421203
Maulden, Wingfield Avenue----RRRR
Maulden, Former Black Horse08450911100210.461204
Ampthill, Church Street arr08490915100610491208
Ampthill, Church Street dep------------1117
Ampthill, Dunstable St., Bakery09201009----1122
Ampthill, Flitwick Rd, Sidney Road09211010----1123
Ampthill, Glebe Road, Fallowfield09231012----1125
Ampthill, Russell Drive, Shops09241013----1126
Ampthill, Wingfield Court09281017----1130
Ampthill, Oliver St, Health Centre09311020----1133
Ampthill, Dunstable St., The Albion09341023----1136
Ampthill, Church Street085009351024----11.371208
Maulden, Opp Former Black Horse085309381027----11411212
Maulden, Wingfield Avenue0939RR----1142RR
Maulden, Opp White Hart085409441028----1147RR
Clophill, Green085709481031----1150RR
Clophill, Jacques Lane090009501034----1153RR

Route Map

The image below is an interactive map on Google Maps. You can open the map up full screen by following this link: Flittabus Route 6A (Thursday only) You can also pan the map in the window below in any direction and zoom in to see the route detail. Clicking on the symbol in the top right hand corner of the map will also open it in a new window. Please consult the timetable for details of where and when the bus can pick you up.