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Route FL7

Silsoe – Maulden – Ampthill – Westoning – Flitwick Town Service

When: Fridays Only*

No services on these days: Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th December 2017, and on Monday 1st January 2018.

Riders Request

Where you see RR in the table below the bus calls to set down passengers on riders request only

FL7 Timetable

You can control how much of the table you see using the controls below. By default the whole table is shown. You can reduce the number of rows and page through the table if you wish. If you wish to view a smaller table change the value in the box which says Show 37 entries.

Friday OnlyTimeTimeTimeTime
Silsoe, The George1005RR1218
Maulden, White Hart1015
Maulden, Former Black Horse08401016
Ampthill, Church Street08441020
Ampthill, Dunstable St., Bakery08451021
Ampthill, Oliver St., Health Centre1022
Ampthill, Russell Drive, Shops1023
Ampthill, Glebe Rd., Fallowfield1024
Flitwick, Flitwick Rd, Grange Rd08471026
Flitwick, Rail Station,(Post Office)08481027
Flitwick, Tesco085010311055
Westoning, Bunyan Road09021101
Westoning, Tyburn Lane09041103
Flitwick, Village Hall0907
Flitwick, Tesco1115
Flitwick, Station Road09101116
Flitwick, Maulden Rd, Moor Lane09111117
Flitwick, Hinksley Rd, Ellenshaw Ct09141120
Flitwick, Rail Station, (Opp Post Office)09171123
Flitwick, One-O-One Garage09201126
Flitwick, Rufus Centre09231129
Flitwick, Leisure Centre09241130
Flitwick, Opp Woodlands School09281134
Flitwick, Tesco093011401145
Flitwick, Rail Station (Opp Post Office)09311147
Flitwick, One-O-One Garage09331150
Ampthill, Glebe Rd., Fallowfield1151
Ampthill, Russell Drive, Shops1152
Ampthill, Oliver St., Health Centre1153
Ampthill, Dunstable St., The Albion09351154
Ampthill, Church Street09361156
Maulden, Opp Former Black Horse09401200
Maulden, Opp White Hart0942RR
Clophill, The Green0946RR
Clophill, Jacques Lane0949RR
Silsoe, The Grove1000RR1215
Notes:  # – Arrives 10:31,  $ – Arrives 11:40,  RR – Serves this point only on Riders Request

Route Map

The image below is an interactive map on Google Maps. You can open the map up full screen by following this link: Flittabus Route FL7 (Friday only) You can also pan the map in the window below in any direction and zoom in to see the route detail. Clicking on the symbol in the top right hand corner of the map will also open it in a new window. Please consult the timetable for details of where and when the bus can pick you up.